Zurina Ketola Designs Malachite Key Drop Earrings in 14K gold fill on white background

Malachite Key Drop Earrings

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Reminiscent of the keys of a piano. Zurina Ketola's Malachite Key Drop Earrings offer an aura of elegance and sophistication. Each delicate gem sways from handcrafted 14K gold fill ear wires made in-studio from ethically sourced gold. Well-suited for sensitive ears. A vibrant gem featuring lush rivers green, malachite brings that perfect eye-catching pop of color to your style. 

P.S. these are part of a set - take a look at the Malachite Key Necklace


  • handmade malachite drop earrings
  • genuine malachite gemstones
  • 14K gold fill ear wires and details crafted in our studio from ethical gold
  • measures 1.75" / ~ 4.5cm
  • excellent for sensitive ears