How it All Started

Meet the designer behind the eponymously named Berlin-based jewelry brand bringing, responsibly made, artisan luxe jewelry to your everyday style. 

The Designer


Jewelry designer Zurina Ketola can point to a single ring that inspired her career.

It was a giant marquise ruby ring. Vibrant and pink, set in the brightest gold.

A Malaysian family heirloom, it connected her to her mother, grandmother, and generations past. One of many pieces in her mother's collection, all featuring bold, colorful gemstones and rich yellow gold metals. Zurina remembers trying on the ornate pieces as a girl and falling in love with their spellbinding beauty. She eagerly awaited the day they would be passed down to her, but sadly that day would never come. Stolen from her family when she was a teenager, all she had left were memories. 

But she never forgot about that incredible ring. Little did she know, that fateful loss planted a seed that would later come to life in her own collections.

Borrowing elements from her family’s former treasures, Zurina reimagined those memories by creating special pieces that could be worn and enjoyed regularly, not tucked away in a jewelry box. You’ll find the designs here to be modern and elegant with a minimalist energy — the perfect accessories to add color and sparkle to your everyday life.

Before Zurina fell in love with jewelry, it was all about nature. 

Born in a picturesque mountain town in Colorado, she gained an appreciation for the natural world at an early age. Her parents were strong environmentalists, and she was part of her first environmental activist organization at age five. Her background and strong family ties also brought her to awe-inspiring regions around the world — from the vast deserts of the American Southwest to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest and the faraway jungle islands of Malaysia.

Each new adventure has given her a deeper respect for the planet and everything on it. Especially as she witnessed the critical impact that mining and deforestation have on those landscapes she’s come to love.

Turning her attention toward jewelry-making in the early 2000s, she knew that respect and passion for nature would play an integral part in her business.

The Jewelry

White pearl necklace threaded on gold box chain laying on a plant leaf above a gray and white textured background. Aerial view.

Zurina Ketola’s responsible demi-fine jewelry combines delicate simplicity and timeless versatility.

Every piece is designed and handcrafted in our bright and airy Berlin studio by Zurina herself, using an ever-increasing array of sustainably sourced gemstones, 14K gold fill made from ethically sourced gold, recycled sterling silver, and eco-friendly leathers. 

Since 2004, ZK has bridged the gap between fine jewelry and fast fashion, bringing you affordable pieces designed to last. 

Zurina’s sustainable values take shape in…

  • designs that transcend seasons and trends
  • quality materials that are made to last
  • small collections to help reduce waste
  • repair and cleaning services to extend each piece’s life (offered on ZK products and others)
  • the recycling of precious metal scrap
  • recycled, fair trade and sustainable packaging
  • annual improvements

Want to learn more about ZK’s approach to sustainability? Check out the studio’s Environmental Transparency Statement