Three Steps: Mother's Day Gifting Made Easy

Three Steps: Mother's Day Gifting Made Easy

With the holiday just over a month away, now is the perfect time to start looking for the perfect gift.

From your own mom, to the mother of your children, and women who have taken on that motherly role, Mother's Day is meant to show your love and appreciation for those special moms in your life that have always shown you love and support. 

And if mom loves jewelry?

Then look no further, because you're in the right place!

This image shows a pair of small gold hoops with luminous white pearls that have an organically imperfect shape. The earrings are on an earring card from the designer Zurina Ketola, and are laying on top of a summery beige fabric, and sit next to a beautiful drawstring cotton pouch with a golden ZK logo.

Making Mother's Day Gifting Easy

I've been helping people find the perfect Mother's Day gifts for over twenty years, and during that time, I've developed a method for helping my clients shop for the gift of jewelry, and I'm here to share the steps with you.

As your follow along, you'll notice that each step is intended to narrow down your options, which I've found to be the secret to buying a great gift.

You'll learn how to take into account your mom's style and tastes to find a gift that she will love, treasure and wear for years to come.

Sound good?

Let's drive in.

Step 1 | Consider Her Metal Preferences

Does she prefer wearing silver, gold or rose gold?

This is the first step and shouldn't be overlooked when selecting a jewelry as a gift for anyone. In order to get something that she'll treasure, you'll want to make sure that you take this into account.

So how do you start?

Go on a little style reconnaissance mission and take note of what jewelry she tends to wear the most. Any opportunity you see her works - whether it's in photos, a video call or in person. Make sure to select recent photos.

In most cases, you'll notice a preference for a particular metal.

Now that you have an idea, it will help to confirm your choices before you start shopping. 

The next time you talk, ask about a specific piece of jewelry you've see her wearing, either in person or in photos. Maybe ask where she got it, or if there's a story behind it, and follow up with a question about her favorite metal.

Not only will this bring you a little closer together, but it can help you confirm her metal preferences when you're choosing her Mother's Day gift.

This step is the perfect start because it's going to be an integral part of the whole process. 

So where do we go next?

Step 2 | Consider Her Jewelry Style

Does she prefer simple or bold styles?

When I'm helping customers shop for gifts, I always try to get a feel for the person we're looking for. This means I'm always asking about style, taste, and of course if there's any pictures that will help give me an idea of what she'd like.

This is when it starts to get a little trickier because style can be subjective, but it follows along with the same strategy from Step 1. This time, you're looking at her overall style and the jewelry she wears to complement her look. 

Here's a few questions to as yourself before you start looking:

  • Do you want to gift something for everyday or more formal ocassions?
  • Is her favorite jewelry small and delicate or does she prefer large bolder pieces that make a statement?
  • Do her favorite pieces feature beads, pearls or faceted gems, or does she tend to stick to metal jewelry?

Step 3 | Consider Her Favorites

Are there specific types of jewelry she loves wearing?

Many women have a favorite type of jewelry, and this is usually very personal.

Sometimes they like to highlight a particular feature, or favor a certain gemstone in their jewelry. Sometimes it's more practical.

But it's always worth looking into when you're shopping for a Mother's Day Gift. 

For example, if she doesn't have pierced ears but wears layered necklaces to complete her look, earrings shouldn't be your first choice for a gift. Instead, you may want to consider a necklace that would complement her tried and true favorites. 

One Last Note...

Make sure it fits!

This is something that gets overlooked sometimes, but it's a must when shopping for gifts anyone - even yourself! It always helps to know size. 

You can ask directly, but it can take a little bit of the mystery out of gifting experience. If you'd rather keep things under wraps, you can ask friends or family for a little help in this department. 

Just in case you need a little resizing assist after your purchase, don't worry! I'm happy to help you with that. I offer 30-day returns and am willing to accomodate modifications in cases like these. 

Shop the Mother's Day Gift Guide

And to make things even easier, I've curated a collection of best sellers and favorites especially for the ocassion.

Click to shop the Mother's Day Gift Guide!

I hope you've found the guide helpful, and I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day this year.

Happy gifting!

Got Questions or Comments?

I'm always curious, do you have any gifting tips you swear by?

I'd love to hear them!

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