Coming Soon: The Good Energy Collection

Coming Soon: The Good Energy Collection

Get the Goods on November 4th

This collection is the culmination of my journey making room for loss and growth in the last year. I lost so many foundational loved ones including my grandmother, my mom and my dad in four short months, along with an aunt and several uncles. I've never lost anyone before, so the constant losses were beyond surreal.

Making things more complicated? I never hear anyone talk about this much, but  I didn't have the relationship with my parents that I wanted. As they saying goes, "It's complicated." I could probably write a book, but for now I'll just summarize it as mental health issues paired with unhealthy behavioral patterns along with stark generational and cultural differences. While love was there, the relationship has been strained since I was very young.

Even so, I was grateful to have been there for both of them in as many ways as I could be over the years. In their final months, too.

After their loss, I was never quite sure if I could feel whole again.

Shadow of woman on wall with sunlight reflecting off pool. The image looks very ethereal and appears to be glowing.
Pool reflection with shadow in Joshua Tree, CA. Just a small sampling of the unique light phenomena over the last year. October 2022

I can't explain it, but after my mom passed away, I began to feel like she was always with me in the best sense. Instead of focusing on this major loss, I couldn't help but focus on this incredible energy I felt surrounding me. Whether it was the extra brilliant morning light as the sun rose, or golden hour on the brink of dusk, the light was always more golden and gleaming than ever before. 

I can't explain it even a little bit, but I feel like she was there to help me through the most painful moments I'd experience. I still can't quite wrap my head around it, but it helped more than I can ever say.

I'm beyond lucky that I was able to take some time off and process the grief and gain a deeper understanding of our relationship. It was a lot, and I'm so grateful I had support in my family, friends, and my awesome husband, Tom.

All of this warmth and support allowed me to start designing again, and more than anything I wanted to create a collection that would embody the light and joy that I feel now that I've made it through the worst parts. 

The Good Energy Collection is a small collection featuring shimmering crystals, luminous pearls, and glimmering gold details. Nearly every component of the collection was responsibly sourced, including the 14K gold fill details, along with the wood and gemstone beads. Everything can be mixed and matched or worn on its own, and is meant to bring you all the good energy 

Mood board style image of haphazardly strewn polariod images of jewelry.
It's coming this Friday, November 4th so mark your calendars!

So now I'm curious - have you ever experienced anything like this after losing someone?

If you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to know. Tell me in the comments!

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