Gifts Under €50

Gifts Under €50

Make gift giving a breeze with this special collection of handpicked favorites, all... 

The Minimalist Collection

The minimalist has a deeply intentional style and is known to have a keen eye for design. This specially curated selection of minimalist jewelry was made with those individuals in mind. Made from 14k gold fill and sterling silver, these carefully selected pieces are infinitely timeless, understated, and elegant. 

The Crystal Lover Collection

Crystals are quite the vibe, no? They possess a truly radiant charm from within and are sparkling reminders that life truly is beautiful and mysterious in so many ways. Crafted using signature 14k gold fill and sterling silver details and paired with a carefully curated selection of sparkling crystals.

The Beach Beauty Collection

Curated especially for those who feel at peace by the ocean and are looking to capture those memories in their favorite jewelry. This collection features 14k gold fill and sterling silver details, which complement the iridescent beauty found in each delicate ocean treasure.

The Gem Lover Collection

You know a gem lover when you see one. This collection is made exclusively for individuals who love to adorn themselves with the striking beauty of mother nature. Each piece features 14K gold fill or sterling silver details and is paired with a kaleidoscope of bright and bold gems.

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