Close up of peach moonstone necklace in 14K gold fill beaded satellite chain angled slightly on bright pink background

June Birthstone Spotlight: Moonstone

It’s easy to fall in love with this gemstone - it has always been a personal favorite because there are so many varieties of moonstone to choose from including: rainbow, peach, grey, pink, white and even chocolate moonstone.

Although they're all very different in appearance, all of moonstone varieties feature that unmistakable luminescent glow and possess a truly mesmerizing charm.

Ancient lore says that moonstone are moonbeams trapped in stone, and thus has a strong connection to the moon. A stone of prosperity, intuition and passion, wearing moonstone is a beautiful way to bring these intentions into your daily life and perfect for celebrating those born in the month of June.

Wonderful for gifting to June babies or treating yourself, here are a few favorite moonstone pieces: 

Are you looking for that extra special moonstone piece? I love working on bespoke jewelry! Simply get in touch, and we can work on the perfect design made just for you.

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