The Capsule Jewelry Box Challenge

The Capsule Jewelry Box Challenge

Love getting creative with a capsule wardrobe?

So do I!

Before I really even knew the concept had a name, the philosophy to buy less, choose well, and make it last has always been important to my everyday life.

This small idea has become the foundation of living my life and operating my business in a more sustainable and responsible way. It's helped me be mindful of my choices and has encouraged me to be more conscious consumer and designer.

The philosophy helped develop my own personal style over the years, and has been a key element of my jewelry designs since I started back in 2004. 

The truth is that you don't need huge collection of jewelry to feel beautiful, confident and powerful in your daily life.

All you need?

A few key pieces you love that compliment your personality and style. They may be big and bold, or small and delicate, but either way, these precious gems give you everything you need to build your essential style. 

An overview of a selection of gold jewelry in a white tray lined with pearlized vegan leather. One pair of hoops, one necklace extender, two necklaces and four bracelets.

How Do I Apply This to My Designs?

It's easy - I take the capsule wardrobe concept, and apply it directly to your jewelry box!

I take time to consider what pieces you might need to accessorize your every day life, and imagine these pieces as part of your everyday life for years to come.

The Capsule Jewelry Box Challenge

Back in January and February this year, I wanted to illustrate this point with my #capsulejewelryboxchallenge on IG stories.

I choose a selection of eight pieces of jewelry that are similar to what I have in my own capsule jewelry box currently available on the site, and styled looks three times a week for two weeks. 

I have a few favorites from the challenge. Take a look!

My personal style is pretty laid back, especially these days (thanks, corona!) but I like having options. I choose a few silhouettes that I love, and stay within a color palette of pinks and greens, along with neutrals some a few well-made draped layers.

Things are pretty casual but can be dressed up with a blazer or more structured layers, and I almost always throw in a bright lip to lift my mood.

I occasionally meet up with customers in person, but mostly interact in video calls and need to look put together. Simple layering pieces make getting ready a breeze, and bring just the right amount of sparkle to my everyday looks.

Since I used my own personal capsule jewelry box as an inspiration to build this one, it was a little too easy to get together a look every day! I was actually a little sad when it was over. 

The thing I love most about working with a capsule jewelry box in everyday life?

By choosing those key pieces you love, that fit your personality and style, it becomes so easy to mix and match and create new looks everyday.

I never have to worry about my jewelry or what I'm going to wear, and it gives me a little boost of daily confidence in my look and how I express myself. 

What more could you want?

Tell Me - Are You Up to the Challenge?

I'd love to see how you style your ZK jewelry pieces with your capsule! Tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #capsulejewelryboxchallenge. 

I'll be choosing my favorites and sharing them in my stories 💖

Love the pieces I chose for my capsule jewelry box challenge? Shop the collection here!

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