A Personal Note from Zurina

A Personal Note from Zurina

Always Be Kind to Yourself

I've taken a lot of time off since the summer of 2021 to take care of and eventually say goodbye to my parents. Both my mom and dad began having serious health issues, and they passed nearly a month apart just before the winter holidays. I was traveling back and forth between Germany and the US for about six months, and it was intense and exhausting in so many ways. Dealing with so much in such a short time really began to take its toll.

And then? I decided to give myself a break.

It was so hard to step away. Not only am I a one-woman show, but I just launched a new jewelry shop. Everything was going well, and the momentum was exciting.

But really? Jewelry was the last thing on my mind.

A close up image of a naturally heart-shaped flourite and pyrite heart bring held by against a black background.

Everything was changing constantly and was a complete blur from the start. It was crystal clear early on - I really needed to step away.

Allowing myself to take the time I needed was important, but I also had to keep reminding myself that it's ok not to do it all.

It’s funny. I always encourage friends to be kind to themselves when life gets messy. And honestly? I'd say the same thing to a complete stranger. There's just no question.

But it’s hard to see when it comes to ourselves. The vulnerability somehow allows that inner critic to get so much louder, and it takes a lot of effort to remind ourselves that we’re on the right path.

But I have to tell you - changing that mindset is worth the effort.

Once I realized how important it was to allow that same grace, kindness, and empathy to come from within, things improved. Not only did it help me maintain my mental health during the most difficult time of my life, but I was able to take care of what I needed to do, and come back in a way I feel good about. 

So be kind to yourself, and remind others to do the same. I promise it will help you when you need it most 💖



P.S. If you're like me, you have some people in your life that need to hear this from time to time. Now is the perfect time to forward the message and share the love 💌

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