A New Mini Collection is Coming!

A New Mini Collection is Coming!

Seasonless Energy

I hope you’ve had a fabulous summer filled with ice cream dreams, lazy sunset walks and memorable moments with with your favorite people.

I don’t know about you, but as the summer fades into fall I get a little out of sorts.

I'm not sure what it is.

Maybe it’s the temperature drop that comes with the changing seasons, or maybe it’s because I’m a Leo and crave the sun, but there’s just something about the longer days and energy of the sun that recharges my soul and I miss it when it's gone. Even though this summer a wild ride of unexpected ups and downs for me, there’s just something about that summer energy that I want to capture and carry in my pocket all year.  

You know what I mean?

It got me thinking... Instead of carrying the spirit of the summer in my pocket, why not wear it year round? 

And just like that, a glimmering mini collection began to take shape. 

It’s time to get ready for a bold, modern and timeless mini collection of golden huggie hoops born from the soul of summer, and meant to worn and loved every season of the year. 

The core of this mini collection features my absolute favorite huggie hoops in 14k gold fill made from ethically sourced gold, paired with a trio of delicately dreamy and wildly luminous mother of pearl and abalone links that are bound to charm your soul. 

I know, I know. Shell jewelry is for summer, right? 

I bet I can change your mind about that. 

Truly Timeless | Abalone, Mother of Pearl and Gold 

The timeless allure of these heirloom abalone and mother of pearl hoops remains an unwavering constant, and goes well beyond the balmy months of summer.

Paired with the radiance of 14K gold fill, every single one of these golden earrings unlock an enduring elegance that goes far beyond the passage of any season.

Let's get a closer look. 

Overhead image of Zurina Ketola's golden Crescent Moon Huggie Hoops

Crescent Moon Mother of Pearl Huggie Hoops

Have you ever seen the man on the moon?

I’ve always been drawn to the idea, and that very concept brought these golden hoops to life.

This design is very personal to me. While I may be a Leo and sun sign all the way, my father was an enthusiastic astronomer and was absolutely obsessed with the night sky. Growing up, I can't tell you how many times he'd wake the whole family up at ungodly hours, and drive us all off to some remote location in the middle of nowhere with a ridiculously giant telescope in tow so he could show us the miracles of the universe.

As I would peer through the eyepiece, he’d say,

"No matter how dark things get, you'll always find light in the moon and stars glimmering in the night sky. The more you look, the easier it will be to find your way."

I hate to say it, but I didn’t appreciate it at the time.

The thing is, you just never know when things like this will resurface. And sure enough, it did. That fleeting memory came rushing back to me after his passing a couple years back. Not only did it help me get through the hardest parts of the grieving process, it got me through a difficult summer and I'm beyond grateful for those little moments. 

And these hoops, with their innate charm and beauty, were made to honor that connection. 

Close up of Organic Abalone Link Huggie Hoops from Zurina Ketola

Organic Abalone Link Huggie Hoops

Abalone is most well-known for showcasing a luminous grain of vivid cool gem tones like green, blue, and purple, and these incredible hoops are no different. What makes these hoops so special and versatile is their inclusion of a mix of lush warm neutrals. 

Each side of the links features a different colorway, which makes it easy to mix and match your hoops and tailor to your individual style of the day. And better yet? Their tonal versatility creates opportunities to pair these luxurious hoops with a wide array of different styles and colors to match your mood. 

The delicate carved abalone links hang from 14K gold fill huggie hoops and feature a distinctive curve and contour. This deceptively simple hoop is a modern and bold way to bring the spirit of summer to your vibe in any season.  

Close up image of the Ellipical Huggie Hoops from jewelry designer Zurina Ketola in 14K gold fill and mother of pearl details.

Elliptical Huggie Hoops 

Mother of pearl never fails to draw me in.

There’s nothing quite as magical and mysterious as that tiny iridescent universe that seems to glow within these luminous natural gems. When the light is just so, you can even see delicate hints of pale greens, pinks and blues dancing beneath that glowing surface. 

Hanging from 14K gold fill huggie hoops, these lush carved elliptical links are both bold and delicate, and offer an effortless elegance and energy to your chosen look, no matter the season. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll find yourself reaching for these beauties season after season.

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