A New Collection is Coming: Modern Lore

A New Collection is Coming: Modern Lore

What is Modern Lore?

At its heart, the Modern Lore Collection is a story.

Over the last few years, I became a little too familiar with grief. Losing my grandma, both parents, and so many others in a few short months nearly broke me.

Thanks to loving and supportive people in my life, I was able to get through the worst of it with a new perspective on life and letting go.

While some doors closed, others opened under fairly mysterious yet beautiful circumstances. I’m not sure if it’s part of the grief, but everything that’s happened in the last few years has led me to become a little more open to the mystical moments in daily life.

Through some of the most intense emotional fallout I’ve ever known, I’ve become more tuned into the world around me, and found comfort in familiar charms and talismans. A crystal skull collection, a third eye gemstone, and a lucky four-leaf clover helped ground me and gave me little solace.

Over time, I noticed that these symbols came together to tell yet another story and remind us that we can move forward by looking back, looking within, and looking for hope.

And with that, the Modern Lore Collection began to take shape.

This charming new collection drops July 5th at noon, but join me now for a sneak peek!

Featuring talismans as old as time made from rose quartz skulls, malachite clovers, and lapis third eye charms. Modern Lore encourages you to weave your intentions of growth and manifestation into your daily life through your jewelry.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Wisdom of the Past: Rose Quartz Crystal Skulls

My lifelong fascination these odd little curiosities began after being gifted a hematite crystal skull in high school. I took it everywhere and I hate to admit that I eventually lost it years ago.

Even so, I never lost my fascination with these mysterious carvings. It inspired an impressive collection of large and small specimens over the years. My collection started about ten years back, when I absolutely fell in love with a sizeable rose quartz skull carved with graceful and intricate details. The juxtaposition is what really drew me in. While skulls seem a little dark and scary, the rose quartz medium softens the vibe and imparts the the deeper meaning of love and loss into the mix.

This specimen has been overlooking in my studio for ages, and I was over the moon to find some remarkable rose quartz beads on a recent buying trip.

Although skulls are most often seen as a symbol of death, they’re also a symbol of intelligence and the wisdom of our ancestors. After losing so much family in such a short period of time, I found my crystal skull collection to be a bit of an unexpected comfort and symbol of those that came before me.

These handcrafted jewelry pieces are a curious and charming reminder that wisdom and love from your ancestors is all around you - if only you are willing to look. 

Intuition and Insight: Lapis Third Eye Jewelry

The concept of the Third Eye caught my attention ages ago due to its focus on understanding the self, and tuning into the spiritual and physical world around you.

Let’s just say that became front and center over the last few years.

After quite a few wildly inexplicable and remarkable premonitions came true when my parents passed away, I started to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

While the skulls bring in the concept of ancestral wisdom and love, the third eye is a symbol of self-awareness, self reflection, and higher consciousness.

Some of the greatest mysteries on this Earth lie within each of us, and it can take a lifetime to truly understand who we are and how to find our way in this world. Understanding yourself helps you to understand others, which fosters the self-awareness, reflection and empathy you need to maintain harmonious relationships. 

And higher consciousness?

This allows your mind to open and can help you find those meaningful connections to the world around you. Whether it’s hiking in a forest, gazing into the night sky, or watching waves crash along shoreline. Finding what sparks your connection to natural world can help you feel grounded and safe.

It’s especially important in the face of loss.

The third eye pieces are created using another long-time favorite, lapis lazuli. Said to promote self-awareness, self-confidence, and wisdom, this deep blue gemstone was the natural choice to represent inner vision and spiritual enlightenment.

Looking for Luck: Malachite Clover Jewelry

We don’t always see the luck in our lives when we’re feeling unmoored, adrift and aimless.

But you don’t start at the end of a story, do you?

The crystal skulls have shown you love and wisdom, and the third eye charms encourages self-awareness and higher consciousness. Together these components of the collection set you up to be able to be open to the third.

And what’s more hopeful than the feeling that luck is just around the corner?

Along with lapis, and rose quartz, malachite has always been one of my dream gems.

There’s just something the bright green hues that dance along the surface in those hypnotic patterns. They draw me in every time. Malachite is understood to be a stone of growth and transformation, and suits anyone who is looking to manifest these elements of life.

And of course, we all know the four-leaf clover is an age-old symbol of luck.

While they can be tricky to find in nature, these malachite clovers are meant to remind you manifest a little luck in your own daily life.

Jewelry is Your Story

While I always wanted to tell stories, I never quite thought I’d do it through my jewelry. But here we are! Finding our way through loss and change is one of the only constants of life, and sometimes it helps to wear those little reminders and momentos near our hearts and minds to keep us moving so we don’t get stuck.

Along with these charming styles, you’ll find a few complementary pieces featuring malachite, lapis, and more. Everything is made for mixing and layering, and of course everything looks beautiful all on its own.

These charming talismans have become a huge part of my life and story, and I hope they can help you the way they helped me.

So what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. Collection Release and 24-Hour Early Access to Shop

Mark your calendars and stay tuned! The limited edition collection will be released on Friday, July 5th at noon.

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